How to talk about the project

There are a lot of books full of useful advice on how to make a speech or presentation. Here you will find a few suggestions, and then you can continue your reading if you feel the need (a lot of things are available on the Net).


careful planning
doing research

These things are essential when it comes to making a good presentation or speech.

A good way to start is brainstorming; write down all the things you can think of in relation to your topic. Think about it and choose something to focus on (you can't cover everything!).

Select relevant facts, interesting quotations etc.
Work on what you want to say, rewriting etc.
Look for material such as pictures and films, or make your own drawings (overhead).
Make a draft (including notes where your material, pictures etc. will be used).
Work on it again, make sure it's clear and easy to follow (remember the listeners don't know as much as you do about this subject).
Start practicing your presentation.

The presentation:

Everybody is nervous when they have to make a speech, it's normal. Symptoms like a dry mouth, sweating and blushing happen to most of us.

But if you have all your material and have practiced you will be able to handle it, trust me. It will be interesting to listen to all the different speeches and it will be fun for you to make your presentation!

Convince yourself you can do this well!

When we meet we will discuss this and make a list of things to think about. And perhaps more important a list of what to do if you get nervous, lose your manuscript etc. Don't worry about it!

 You will do fine, presentations are fun!


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