Bookshops on the Net

Compulsory assignment

You are going to visit two bookstores (bookshops) and see what's popular right now. It might give you some inspiration before you make your choice.

Assignment to be submitted:

Look at the bestseller list and the recommendations at Barnes and Noble. There are a lot of banners and lists on this page; just try to find something that is interesting to read. Which book would you buy for yourself, if any?

Now Look at Amazon, which book(s) are being promoted at the moment?
Would you want to buy any of them? Once again, the page can be a bit confusing.

Now compare the two sites; which one is the most user-friendly? Which one looks best and which one has the most interesting content? Submit a comment to the project discussion; what did you choose and what do you think of the websites?

Bookshop = British English
Bookstore = American English