Make a plan

Have a look at the plan below - it's a suggested timeline. Things may need to be revised and you may decide to work at a quicker or slower pace. That is not a problem normally, just keep your teacher informed.

Getting started may take some time depending on your computer skills and other things. The first unit called the Basics should take two to three weeks.

Then you start reading Your first novel. This should take two to three weeks.

Where and why: facts and fiction about the English-speaking world. Different assignments.

Writing different types of texts.

Reading Your second novel, which is probably a bit more difficult than the first one.

Your project. Do some research and then tell us about something that you're interested in.

The empty yellow box is the box of freedom. Use this time according to your wishes and needs.

The National Test and finishing everything.


It adds up to some 15 weeks - so take a look in your diary; when and how do you have time to study? Please remember that grammar exercises are not included in the timetable; they are to be done according to your needs.

Don't give up if it's all confusing in the beginning!