Who, where and why?

What's in this unit?

Whether you go to South Africa, India or Belize (yes, you might have to check where that is) you'll be able to ask for a cup of tea in English. But apart from that things are obviously not the same; the pronunciation is different just as some words, and sometimes the spelling, and certainly there are differences in the way of life.

You'll get an opportunity to check that you know the basics; the difference between American and British English (if this bores you to death then go for Canadian or African English) and some geography.

Then you get to choose between different assignments that deal with different aspects.

What am I supposed to know after this unit?

Look at the objectives:

eleven skall

"ha kunskap om samhällsförhållanden, kulturtraditioner och levnadssätt i engelskspråkiga områden och kunna använda dessa kunskaper för att jämföra kulturer"