What to read - recommendations

It's time to choose. You'll find some recommendations below, but ask around and visit a real bookshop and your local library if you have difficulties making up your mind.

When you've chosen a novel submit a message to the project discussion called "novels". We need to know what each of you has chosen.

 Not too difficult

Author and title About the book
Dahl Roald, Boy
Roald Dahl, author of The Witches and other children's books as well as scary short stories, describes his childhood in the novel Boy.
Hinton, Susan E: Rumble Fish
The United States
or read The Outsiders
Rumble Fish: Rusty James has always wanted to be like his brother Motorcycle Boy, who is the king of the neighbourhood.

Steinbeck John: Of Mice and Men The United States

The story of George and Lennie, two farm workers in California. They dream of a better life, but Lennie is not like other people..
  A bit more difficult
Author and title About the book
Binchy Maeve: Evening Class
Binchy knows how to tell a story, relationships and coping with life. "Feel-good" books.
Fielding Helen: Bridget Jones' Diary
You've all heard about it I am sure. I think it's very funny, but some people don't.
George, Elizabeth:
Crime, murder etc. One of the most popular British crime writers. Several titles available.
Heller, Joseph: Catch-22
The United States
The madness of war (and life) is shown in this classic story where the pilot Yossarian is trying to get sent home from the war.
Hornby Nick: Fever Pitch
The story of a teacher who loves football, Arsenal to be exact, which leads to complications in his life. Funny.
Hornby Nick: High Fidelity
The story of a man who loves music (he owns a music shop) and his friends. They make lists, listen to records and try to get their lives organised. Funny and serious.
Jerome, K Jerome: Three men in a boat
A classic, three men travel on the river Thames and a lot of things go wrong. British sense of humour.
Poe, Edgar Allan: The Murder at Rue Morgue  Poe is American but the novel is set in Paris. A classic story of crime; sometimes referred to as the first detective novel written.
Rankin, Ian: Black and Blue (or any of his books)
Crime in Scotland, John Rebus is a bit like the Swedish Wallander but I daresay better!
Twain, Mark: The adventures of Huckleberry Finn  The United States, The Mississippi river
A classic American novel, can be read by children and adults.
Vonnegut Kurt: Slaughterhouse 5
The United States
Vonnegut has written short stories and novels, a cult writer! He describes the irony and madness of life.