Assessment: What do you know?


What do you know already? What do you need to focus on to pass this course and get the grade you're aiming for?

Do you know your weak points and strong points? Assess yourself:

Speaking. Would you feel comfortable:

1. Talking about yourself and the city where you live?

2. Talking about a film you've seen?
3. Talking about current events (like the news)?
4. Talking about topics like the environment, politics, the school system etc.?

Listening. Would you understand:

1. A conversation with strangers about the weather and life in Sweden?

2. A film without subtitles?

3. News without subtitles (or on the radio)?

4. A conversation about politics or more specific topics?


Reading. Would you understand:

1. A dialogue between two people about their lives, relationships etc.?

2. An article from CNN? (Go to and check if you don't know.)

3. An article from The Times?

4. An easy novel?


Writing. Would you feel comfortable writing:

1. An e-mail to a friend?

2. A letter to a friend?

3. A letter asking about prices, reservations for a hotel room etc.?

4. A summary of an article?

5. A comment about a novel or a film?

6. An essay where you discuss (compare or contrast) different aspects of some things?

Now check yourself with a test on the Net. Go to Appia and you'll find diagnostic tests: vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension. Take the tests and make a note of your score.

What is your conclusion?

Submit to your teacher:

Comment on your knowledge of English.

What is it you need to focus on? Think about vocabulary, writing, speaking, listening comprehension etc.