Newspapers and television

What newspaper would you read if you were living in London? What shows would you watch on TV if you were living in New York?

It's time for you to visit some different newspapers or broadcasting companies to get an idea what's going on.

Assignment to be submitted, A or B:

A. Go to two of the major newspapers, such as The Sun (one of the so-called "tabloids" in the UK, gossip and things you wouldn't see in a Swedish newspaper and The Guardian (now we're more serious) and compare their websites. What can you find: features, weather, classified ads, lifestyles? If you want other newspapers, go to The Paperboy where you'll find papers listed by country.

B. Look at two broadcasting companies and see what's on this week. Write a comment about it and submit it to your project discussion group. Give the rest of us an idea what kind of programs are on and what you'd be watching if you were there.

NBC (American), ABC (American), BBC, ITV (British), Channel 4 (British).