What to do while reading

You have to:

Keep a word list and think about the language in your novel.

Think about how the story is told and where it's set.

"Think about" simply means that you have to pay more attention, read carefully and take notes when you run into wonderful quotes or something interesting or strange etc.

Submit the assignments that are described below.


Read five pages, then submit a message to the newsgroup. What do you think about the novel right now?


The first 30 pages, look up every single word you don't know.


Half-way through the book:
Look up the places. Where is this novel set?


Finish the novel and then:

a. Select 30 words that you find useful and submit the wordlist to your project discussion. These are words that you have to learn.

b. Think about what to say when we discuss the novels. The summary is the least important thing. Talk about things that you found important and interesting (look at page 3.1 Useful words and what to say, if you need some inspiration and useful phrases).

c. Write a short comment where you recommend or don't recommend this novel to everybody else in the group.