Where would you like to go?

Compulsory assignment
Let's try to get it into the travelling mood before you start working. The good news is that money is not a problem when you do this assignment, only time is. This means you have to choose carefully.

Would you like to visit an Irish castle and have a Guinness in a pub in a small village on the way back to Dublin?
Or would you prefer city life and the London Zoo?

How about a day in Sydney's harbour? Or two days in the Outback?

In this assignment, you get to pick three places to visit, one in the UK or Ireland, one in the US and one in Australia. You have two days in each place. Get a map (real map to be preferred here, but if you don't have one go to one of the links below) and decide on three places. Then go to the Internet and look for information about these places.

Assignment to be submitted:

Write a comment for your project discussion and explain why you'd like to visit these places and how you'd spend the two days you have. Mention where you've found information about these sites either as references at the end of your text, or in the text.

Title: Where I'd like to go

P.S. When you read what other people in your group have written you have to look at a map.

If you don't have a clue where you'd like to go it might be useful to go to a travel or tourist site on the web. You'll find a link at the bottom of this page.

Lonely Planet - travel site with a lot of information.

Maps of the world: