What to read

Look at these novels and then choose one.

Michelle Magorian:
Goodnight Mr. Tom

A very touching story about a young boy during World War, written for children and teenagers but very interesting. You won't be able to stop reading it! From the UK

Go ask Alice

Another touching story - the diary of a girl who's addicted to drugs. Very easy to read.
From the US

Susan Hinton:
Rumble Fish

The story of Motorcycle Boy and his brother; gangs, fighting and finding out what life is about. A thin novel, but you'll remember it.
From the US

Frank MC Court:
Angela's Ashes

The story of a very poor young man born in Ireland. Quite thick and not so easy.
Ireland and the US

Joseph Heller:
Catch 22

A classic about the madness of war. Quite thick and not so easy but well worth reading, if you're used to reading novels in English.
From the US