Start a project!

Are you interested in gardening or sailing? Now is the time to tell us all about it in English. This involves doing some research and most of all thinking about how to present the information to somebody else. You need to read about this topic in English and being well-prepared is the key to a successful presentation. Planning and structuring in order to make everything clear to the audience is of utmost importance!

Your assignment:

Choose a topic, something you're really interested in. Start your research and take notes. After a while you should be able to narrow down what you want to talk about. Perhaps you started out with an idea about saying something about the Aborigines in Australia, but as you go along you find there is too much material and decide to focus on the religious beliefs of the Aborigines. As soon as you know what you want to talk about tell us in the newsgroup. When you are finished you should have an oral presentation of something, and you need to have pictures, drawings etc. Any audiovisual aid is greatly appreciated.