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Body Language


Your body speaks to the audience even before you open your mouth. Your appearance (clothes, walk, haircut, expression) makes the audience form their first impression of you. So, if you feel a bit uncomfortable being watched, don’t dress in vivid colours or unusual patterns. Dress in clothes you feel comfortable in instead of in new clothes that you wear for the first time. If you intend to move around wear shoes that don’t make any sound and are not too high.

Be aware of irritating gestures (like fondling with your hair) and avoid rattling with coins or keys in your pocket. If you need a “lifeline” you may hold on to a pen, but don’t make any noise with it.

If you normally use a lot of gestures you will do that now, too. Otherwise, it is quite all right to stand still when talking to the audience. If you feel awkward standing still all the time it might be good to use some equipment that “forces” you to move a bit. You could e.g. change overhead transparencies from time to time.

Will you move from side to side when talking to the audience or will you stand still? What will the different effects on the audience be


Last, but not least, be yourself and don’t forget to show the happy spot!

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