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English in the World Today The Assignment

The assignment

Your goal for this module is to produce an information packet for people who are interested in working in an English speaking country in a particular professional area. You are free to choose the focus of the material according to your own needs. You might be interested in working as a waiter or waitress, or in health care. You might want a job as a veterinarian’s assistant. The choice is yours.

The content of the finished product is up to you. Some things that you could include are information about working conditions in the country you have chosen, word lists with specialized vocabulary needed for your area of interest, or perhaps a sample CV and cover letter. You might even want to include a section with useful addresses or with advice.

On completion, the packet should be a source of information for people who would like to work abroad. It can be submitted as a word file attached to an e-mail or a paper copy. If you feel comfortable with other media, you might want to make a CD, a video or a website. Your tutor will be happy to give you assistance when it comes to English but it is up to you to master the medium you have chosen.


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