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Introduction Media Task 1

Task 1: Scanning the Newspaper


Use at least three different daily newspapers from at least two English-speaking countries to complete this assignment. You may use the Links to on-line newspapers listed below or get international newspapers in English at the library or newsstand. Find at least three current articles from different newspapers which deal with one common theme. Examine the articles critically and write an essay (approximately 600 words) comparing and commenting on what you have read. Please send copies of the articles to your teacher. Be sure to list other sources if you use them.
  • Possible questions to consider when writing your essay are:
  • Is there editorial bias in any of the articles?
  • How do the different articles treat the subject?
  • Which pieces of information vary from article to article?
  • What are the reasons, do you think, for the differences in treatment?
  • Does the subject seem to have been investigated seriously?

Los Angeles Times, USA
The Washington Post, USA
New York Times , USA
The Times of India, India
Daily Telegraph, Australia
The Independent, U.K.
The Times, U.K.
The Guardian, U.K.
The National Post, Canada
Toronto Star, Canada
World Newspapers

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