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Project proposal

This is the project proposal form. Make sure that you include all of the information mentioned in the headings.


The name of your project:

The name of the project is up to you. You should choose a name that is fairly descriptive.






Under this heading you should include why you have chosen this particular subject for your project.



The purpose of the project is to give you experience in working in the form of a project in English.



The goal of the project is to produce an "information packet" that would be of use to a person interested in working in an English speaking country of your choice in a vocational/professional field of your choice. In this section you should include the different headings you plan to have in your information packet.



Under this heading you should describe the media you intend to use.



This heading is important if there are several students working together on a project as the students will have different roles and responsibilities.


Activity and Time Plan

This heading refers to the different activities you will need to do to carry out your project: research, interviews etc.

Here you should state your plan for carrying out this project. When do you plan to finish. What mileposts do you plan to have?

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