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Introduction Literature Task 2: Geography

20th and 21 st Century Writers in English

Task 2: Geography

Your task here is to read two novels representing different countries and cultures. Click on a country or continent to find writers representing that country. Click on the names of the writers and you will find interesting information about the authors as well as their writing, which can help you to choose.

Take notes while you are reading the novel. By writing down vocabulary, your thoughts and what you find interesting, it will be easier to go back and refresh your memory later when you start writing the book analysis. Retelling the story is not enough. Use quotations and references from the books in your analysis.

Click on the English speaking parts of the world and some links will appear.

Some questions to consider might help you while you are reading and before starting to write your essay.

  1. What ties the two books you read together?
  2. What is the theme of the novel and what impact on the theme does the culture of the author have? Are there likenesses or differences between the books regarding those aspects?
  3. In what way do the main characters reflect the society and culture they live in.
  4. What are the similarities and differences in the setting (geographical environment and surroundings, historical time and sociological conditions)?
  5. Compare the structure and style of the novels. Is it narrative in chronological order or told by means of flashbacks? Who tells the story? The main character, some other character or an omniscient narrator? Is the style realistic, poetic or symbolic? Is the tone comic, ironic or romantic?
  6. Do the novels express an ideology or message? Make a comparison of the novels.
  7. What is your evaluation? Did you like the novels? You may consider emotional, ideological or aesthetic aspects.

If you cannot find these books in a local bookshop, go to the LINKS section of the course, where you will find sources for mail-order books (i. e. USA search, web search, US search engine)

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