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Introduction Examination


This examination is different from the examinations you are used to. After you have finished all of the course assignments you are to write a report on your English studies. It is good to keep in mind the examination when you are working your way through the course.

In your first assignment you are asked to tell about your skills in English and your expectations of this course. At the end of the course we want you to sum up what you have learnt and what you liked and disliked about the course. Refer back to your original course goals. Some questions you might want to answer are:

Did the course live up to my expectations?
What assignments were most useful in helping me reach my goals for the course?
How has my English improved?
What was missing from the course?
Would I like to change anything in the course?

After writing this report send your report to your teacher/tutor. Write about 300-400 words.

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