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Introduction Media Task 2

Task 2: Newspapers – Television – Radio


Man with media equipmentThe purpose of this assignment is to compare different news media. Look for a news story on a cultural, social or political question covered by newspapers, television, and radio. The news item can be from any field: news, sports, fashion, film etc.

Write a short summary of the news item and analyse how it is dealt with in the three media. Compare the treatment of the subject. Your essay should be a minimum of 600 words.

Examples of questions to consider:
  • Is the presentation similar or dissimilar?
  • Can you explain why they are dissimilar, if they are?
  • Where is the analysis most detailed?
  • Which of the news sources seems most accurate?
  • Which is most entertaining?
  • Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the different media.
  • Which of the media has most readers, viewers or listeners do you think?
  • Who controls the media?

Newspapers and Radio

The Daily Telegraph
Audio OnDemand Channel Africa
Dispatch Online
abc online
Guardian Unlimited
BBC World service
Chicago Tribune Internet edition
The Statesman
Prasar Bharati All India Radio


BBC online
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