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Introduction Media Assignments

Media: Assignment 3



In this module you will train your English language tool by comparing and analysing news reports from different English-speaking countries and mediated by different media.

So much news, so little time!

In one day you are influenced by the amount of mass media, that your grandparents were in a month.

Being educated and literate at the beginning of the last century meant being able to read and write. Being literate at the beginning of the 21st century also includes the ability to evaluate, interpret, analyse media products using the technology needed for the purpose.

Being a human means having to choose.

We spend our time not only on traditional media such as newspapers, radio and television but also on the Internet, video, electronic games and films.
  • How do we manage to handle the increasing flow of mass media?
  • How can we avoid becoming full time consumers of media products, often produced by global commercial interests?
  • What impact do media have on people in our contemporary society?

Media Awareness Network is a web site where you can get a lot of information and inspiration.


After you have read this introduction, choose one of the three tasks presented in this module. Your finished assignment should be 600 words.
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