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Introduction The Assignments for the Collaborative Version of the Course

The Assignments for the Collaborative Version of the Course

Here is a summary of all of the assignments you and your partner can choose from if you have chosen the collaborative version of the C course. We have made a few adjustments in the allotment of points to take into consideration the fact that working together with another student will take more time but also give you more practice using English.

In the collaborative version of the course you will be given 10 points for the work you do together during the course. You will receive these points after submitting the study plan that you and your partner have prepared. The total number of points for the C Course is 100 which means that if you have chosen the collaborative version, you are free to eliminate one of the 10 point tasks.

The assignments are written, oral, or a combination of the two. When gathering material for your assignments from the net and books it’s especially important that you note the sources of your quotations and ideas in order to avoid plagiarism .

Follow the instructions for each task. In most cases you will need to send in individual assignments but that is not always so. Therefore it is important to read the instructions carefully, especially in the planning stage. You will find this symbol in assignments that you are to do on your own. You will find the symbol in assignments you must do together.

E-mail your assignments to your teacher as Word documents or as typed double-spaced documents sent by snail mail. Be sure to type your name and "English C" on the document. Your teacher will return your assignments with comments. For more detailed instructions about the different modules and assignments, click on the links to see the respective pages.

You must begin with number 1, Getting Started.
Do the other assignments in the order that suits you and your partner best.

1. Getting started (20 points)

2. Pub Life (10 points)

3. Media (10 points)

Choose one of three different writing tasks (400-600 words) where you compare and analyse news reports from different English-speaking countries, presented inby different media.

4. Caroline and Jeff (10 points)

After listening to the interviews with Caroline and Jeff participate in a telephone conference where you present the tasks described. If you prefer, you may present a telephone role play based on the interviews.

5. Literature (30 points)

Write a paper (600-800 words) on one of the following:

6. English in the World Today (20 points)

Choose between one of the following tasks: an academically written essay, or development of an information packet for people interested in working in an English speaking country. As both of these tasks require a lot of research, working together will give you an advantage. For this assignment the two of you together submit one paper.

7. Presenting Your Opinion (10 points)

Defend your opinion on a current social issue by:

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