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Introduction Welcome

Welcome to the C Course in English

The seven modules of the course contain activities to help you improve your reading, listening, writing and speaking skills in English. The goals for the course are expressed more specifically in the description of the C Course in English which can be found at “Skolverket”. It is good to have that information in mind when you are working your way through the course.

In order to receive points for a module you must do an assignment connected to the module. A total of 100 points is needed for you to complete this course. These points are particularly important if you are getting financial support for your studies from CSN.

You will not need an additional textbook. Instead, we encourage you to surf the net and use your library. Some of the modules have useful links specific for the module. Links of a more general nature you will find in Links.

Examination will be in the form of an ongoing process throughout the course. Make sure to read the link before starting the course.

Most of the communication on the course will be through e-mail and the telephone. There is, however, a course Forum where communication between teachers and students can take place.

Technical requirements

Good luck!

This course has been produced by CFL in collaboration with komvux in Norrköping and Trelleborg.

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