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Introduction Your Opinion Assignment 7

Assignment 7

Presenting Your Opinion

This assignment will give you the opportunity to research a societal problem that you find interesting. By researching the problem, you will collect information that can support a personal decision about where you stand on the issue. You will then communicate the information and conclusions you have reached to your teacher during a telephone conference.

For example, if you research the problem of violent crimes in Sweden, think about the following suggestions:

Make the preparations for this presentation as if it were a speech to be presented before an audience. There is a lot of useful information about making presentations in the resource section called Making Oral Presentations. Making your presentation on the telephone cannot be compared to making a presentation in front of an audience, but there are things that are relevant in both situations. Begin by reading through the sections on structure and language.
You will be graded on how well you are able to structure your argument and express you personal opinions about the issue.

Before your telephone conference send an outline of your presentation to your teacher. The outline should follow the structure presented in the structure section mentioned above and include keywords that you need for your presentation.


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Online English Dictionary
Merriam-Webster Online

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