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Introduction Getting Started Assignment 1

Assignment 1: Getting Started

There are three things required of you in this module: an autobiography, a study plan, and a telephone conference.

1. Autobiography

Begin by writing a short autobiography (400-600 words) covering the following:

Your description should answer questions such as: Who are you? What do you do when you are not studying? The second part of the paper should be based on your reflections on course description from Skolverket. You should consider questions such as: What English skills do I have now? What skills do I want to concentrate on gaining and improving while on this course? How do I plan to organize my studies? How can I apply my English studies to my job, my future studies and my interests?

2. Study Plan

Write a plan in the form of a timetable showing the order and the amount of time you plan to spend on each module of the C Course. Before doing this you should look through the whole course noting which modules offer you different options and which modules are worth more points as they represent more work. After the first assignment you can do the modules in any order you choose.

3. Telephone Conference

After your teacher marks your paper you will have a telephone conference where you discuss your study plan and the examination.
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