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Eastern Wisdom

The kite string is caught in the birdcage.
You cannot reach the birdcage.
You have an idea!

If you can get the fakir (A) to levitate, his head will hit the plank (B), making the flowerpot (C) fall off. The flowerpot will hit the cow's head (D). The cow, irritated, will swish its tail (E), making the candle (F) fall off the windowsill. When the candle falls, it will light the fuse (G) and the dynamite (H) will blow up. The explosion will destroy the birdcage (I), and the kite string (J) will be free.

So you only have to get the fakir to levitate! To do this, you must win a contest of Eternal Truths. Whoever does NOT say eternal truths three times, loses!

How to Win the Contest How to Lose the Contest Practice Winning and Losing In - At - On - Of Get Your Facts Win the Contest and Make the Fakir Levitate
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