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In this section we have collected a lot of useful resource material for grammar, dictionaries etc., and also added some of our own language resource material.




Basic Grammar


University College London The Internet Grammar of English


Georgia State University List of Grammar Lists




Grammar Quizes


The Internet TESL Journal  Self-Study Grammar Quizzes (ESL, EFL)




Advanced Grammar


The Internet TESL Journal  Euphemisms


Georgia State University British and American spelling




Language Activities


The Internet TESL Journal  Activities for ESL students




On-line Dictionaries






Skoldatanätet  Dictionary






Wordsmyth Dictionary - Thesaurus


Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary - Thesaurus - Unabridged


Cambridge University Press Dictionaries Online


OneLook  Dictionary Search






Miscellaneous language activities and resources




Improve Your English - Special Practice for Swedes.


Idiomatic Expressions